Why Choose Direct Therapy?

Why is Direct Therapy Different from other CBT Providers?

Results from a recent study revealed that we achieve a 90% recuperation rate for individuals finishing our therapy solutions.

This is something we are exceptionally happy with. Visit Website

My Background

I am fully qualified and experienced as a therapist with proper professional backing.

My qualifications are listed below, but in essence what they tell you is this:

My credentials also show that I take responsibility for my work: my membership of professional bodies means that I am willing to have my ideas and methods scrutinised and questioned by outsiders, so that my work is of a high standard. Naturally ensuring confidentiality for my clients is a fundamental part of this. If I were to transgress my professional rules, these professional bodies provide you with an independent source of redress. My continuing engagement in supervision and recurrent personal therapy tells you that I have a real belief in what I do. 

my work is:

professional qualifications

in addition:

n.b. I am not trained to work with children and young people, and do not do so.


phone: 01206 393104
mobile: 07792 986403
email: pollyplowman@talktalk.net
71 South Street, Manningtree, Essex CO11 1DT

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