Polly PlowmanI work as a psychotherapist in private practice in Manningtree, on the border between Essex and Suffolk.

I mainly see individuals, but I also work with couples, and I also offer some other services you might find useful, such as supervision or personal mentoring.

Whether you are just browsing this website out of general interest or looking for something specific for yourself or someone you know, I hope you will find this information helpful. If you want to know more, do feel free to get in touch (details below) and ask me. I will get back to you as soon as I can and of course I'll treat your enquiry with discretion..

fees and availability

I normally charge £50 per hour for all sessions, including the first. I don't offer a sliding scale of fees, but instead in some circumstances I may be able to offer a temporary or extended discount, so please do ask about this if it is an important consideration.

I work only on weekdays: the earliest session is at 9am, and I finish work no later than 7pm. I provide plenty of notice (generally more than two months) of any planned absences for holidays or other reasons.

Of course I'm happy to talk to you on the phone or exchange emails if you'd like to clarify anything I've said on this website, or you want to discuss anything in more detail. Don't worry that you might be committing yourself to anything you're not ready for: I thoroughly approve of shopping around for what you want. When 'talking to somebody' is the central issue, seeking out the right 'somebody' for you is crucial, so I certainly don't mind if you sound me out but in the end decide to go elsewhere.

missing sessions

In principle I charge the full fee for any session booked if I receive less than 48 hours notice of cancellation. In practice, I do my best to be flexible, and I far prefer to reschedule the cancelled session to a new appointment within the next few days whenever possible. If we are working in format other than once-a-week sessions (e.g. monthly mentoring or consultancy) it's particularly important to replace the booked session, to avoid the gaps between sessions becoming unhelpfully long.

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