About us Direct-Therapy

Direct Therapy are a team of fully qualified, highly experienced counsellors and psychotherapists all registered with the BACP – the gold standard for therapists.

All of our counsellors are CBT qualified but able to offer an integrative approach as required. We believe that no two people are the same; YOUR experience is YOURS alone and therefore every client’s counselling and therapy will be tailored specifically for the individual to ensure the best possible outcome.

Therapeutic Services

Whatever kind of work you have in mind, I always suggest a first appointment that gives us a chance to see whether we feel at ease together. We don’t commit ourselves to any further step at this stage.

If our initial meeting seems fruitful we can then plan together how to structure what could happen next. I list below some of the formats I generally use, which can often be tailored to fit your needs. All sessions last an hour unless we have specifically agreed a different period.

Polly PlowmanI also expect the closing stages of the work to be negotiated with due care between us, which means that once we’ve begun working together, I won’t suddenly pull out and I expect you not to do so either.

I feel that endings should have an importance roughly proportionate to the investment we’ve both made to the work, so we need to plan for them, give them some time and conduct them as much in relationship as any other part of the work.

individual therapy sessions

Once-a-week sessions are for working out personal issues - this creates a consistency and rhythm that allows you to get the most benefit from the work. Of course this sometimes has to be juggled a bit to fit around shift patterns or other commitments, but in my experience a degree of regularity is essential if we are to properly address issues that have deeper roots.

I generally suggest we have 5 or 6 sessions and then have a review – this way we can decide together whether a few sessions have been enough or whether the issues you’d like to look at need medium- or longer-term work.

And by the way – it’s often well worth checking out what you may be entitled to as a perk of your job. Many workplaces now offer an allocation of EAP counselling (stands for Employee Assistance Programme), often up to 6 sessions, fully subsidised by them – and partners are often eligible too. But you always have to set that up in advance, so look into it before coming to see me.

personal mentoring and consultancy

Once-a month sessions (or at a frequency to suit you) provide a space for reviewing and stock-taking developments in your life. I don’t really know what to call these sessions: there isn’t a generally agreed name for this kind of relationship – in essence it’s about supporting a creative attitude to life itself.

I find more and more people choosing this format these days because it allows you to have a dedicated time to step back from the flow of daily events. You can discuss the overall picture with someone who’s not directly involved and has no vested interest in the results of your choices. This isn’t something that we can often find among friends, family or colleagues, but it can be incredibly valuable.

It’s also a format that suits people who have previously been in more intensive therapy and have come to the end of this work, but who want to maintain a regular ‘checking-in’.


Couples sessions can really be invaluable if your relationship has hit a ‘sticky’ patch, or matters have arisen that seem difficult to resolve without some neutral outside support.

In couples sessions I don’t hold any fixed agenda and I don’t try to engineer any particular outcome. My intention is always to help you clarify the most authentic way to express the nature of the relationship between the two unique people that you are.

The frequency of sessions and duration of the counselling is a matter for discussion between us in each case, since different couples have different needs.


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